A Holiday Flower Arrangement with Sage Market & Design

With all my recent holiday hosting it has occurred to me that planning a successful party is a tad bit more difficult now that I have a baby. Both of my latest shindigs (Thanksgiving and an ornament exchange) were a success but it wasn’t until the very last moment when I was doing my final once over of the house when I realized I was completely flowerless. Such an amateur move and in the mad rush of trying to pull it all together, flowers were the last thing on my mind. At the time, I cursed myself for not being able to throw something together with props I had on hand but after spending the evening with the ladies from Sage Market & Design I realized I probably could have. They created a special and (simple) holiday DIY that you can put together on the fly.


We used greens as the base for the arrangement. The key is to add a variety of greens to create layer and depth. It’s also important to incorporate different size stems. Depending on your vase size, eye ball it by putting the stem up to the vase to see what the arrangement needs. One of the most helpful tips I learned was to create an arrangement that will look good from all angles. Typically, I would focus on what I would consider the front and put all my time and attention into that one spot. By creating an arrangement that looks great at all angles you aren’t limiting where you can put it.

Winter isn’t always considered the most floral of seasons but there are ways to create arrangements with beautiful natural elements like berries, twigs and acorns.

Begin the arrangement with the greens and start building, using different plants to add depth. Remember to incorporate different stem lengths. Work around the whole vase so it looks good from all angles. Make sure that the part of the stem that is in the water is free of greens, flowers etc. For some of the thicker stems you can split it at the very end, just slightly. It will absorb water more easily and stay alive longer. Once you have a base of greenery you can decide what else you'd like to add. For this arrangement, it could have been complete after all the greens were in but we added some extras to make it more festive. White and red flowers, berries, twigs, acorns are all festive options. An interesting vase like the one we used will also create more of a wow factor. 

Beverly & Jordan, mother & daughter and co-owners of Sage

Beverly & Jordan, mother & daughter and co-owners of Sage

Thanks to Beverly & Jordan for hosting us and teaching us a few things that will go a long way. Sage also has pre-made arrangements that you can pick up for the holidays or call in and they can create custom arrangements that fit your aesthetic. Check their web site for a variety of events they host like wreath making classes, a fun ladies night out!  Happy Holiday's!

 http://www.sagemarketdesign.com - 58 Merrimac St., Horton's Yard, Newburyport MA