What is Barre?

Motivate Barre is a dynamic, full-body, joint-safe workout that strengthens and stretches all the major muscle groups. It originates in the Lotte Berk and A to Z Methods locally. Motivate Barre is set to fun and upbeat music and combines ballet barre work (but it is nt dancey), core conditioning, yoga, Pilates, and orthopedic exercises. The controlled movements are very focused, effective, and safe. (No coordination is necessary.) Proper alignment and form is the primary focus. Incorporated into each session are active stretches to develop more toned, sculpted, lengthened muscles. The entire body and mind are constantly working throughout each session. Every position is cued to properly achieve and maintain core engagement. Through this process, your body, posture, and physical awareness will be transformed. No area of the body is left undiscovered in a barre class. We will tap muscles you didn’t even know you had.

What does a typical class look like?

When you first get to the studio, we want you to feel welcome.  So we’d like to show you around, make sure you know where everything is, find out if you have any injuries or limitations, and then get you set up.  Once class fills and the music starts, it is our goal that you spend the next hour or so focusing on just YOU.  Give back to yourself.  You need to work out the only body you will ever have. It is so hard to continually give to others when you don’t give to yourself.  We MOTIVATE you to do so!!

What songs are on your favorite workout playlist?

Far too many to name.  My taste varies too greatly.  There are songs with such an amazing tempo and beat that they just have to be on one or more of my playlists.  Then there are songs that such a great chill downbeat that they find their way onto my lists too.  There are song which are so frenetic and fast-paced that they surely show up on my Core & Cardio playlists.  Then there are those that are so soothing and calming that they just melt you into your mat as you come down after a hard barre set.  We want you to work hard and stretch/relax hard.  You can tell what we are aiming for by the music we are playing.

What are some of your favorite fitness-related activities?

Running my three sons around…does that count? Additionally...camping/hiking, being near and in water, and keeping our boxer, Josh, happy.  I used to run and swim competitively so I beat myself up on my lack of triathlon entries.  Maybe I’ll change that now that we have cycle coming to the studio??!

What is it like raising a family in Newburyport? What do you love most about nbpt?

We picked the BEST place to live!!  My hubby and I found it while living in the North End of Boston, pregnant with son #1. We drove up on a cloudy February day. The streets were even flecked with old, gray snow.  It was NBPT at its least glamours..and yet, LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!  We bought and then birthed.  Three sons and two houses later, the infatuation remains.  I got really involved in civic activities for a while…presided over the Greater NBPT Mothers and Families Club, sat on the NBPT Education Foundation board, chaired the Port Pride campaign to build a new Bresnahan School (and remodel the Nock School) and build the Senior/Community Center, and then was elected into the NBPT City Council.  While on Council, I also was part of the steering committee to restore our stadium.  That was an awesome ribbon cutting!  Giving back to the community is one of the best ways to get involved in NBPT.  And then selfishly, I love being able to walk to a beautiful downtown, be minutes away from amazing beaches, and be able to get to mountains to hike in and ski on within just an hour or so…really, we hit the jackpot of places to live! 

What are some of your favorite local family activities?

Beaches, downtown walks, biking the rail trail, all of the youth sports (kids play, we coach and sit on the boards), eating at all of the amazing restaurants in town…honestly, we never leave NBPT sometimes.  It is embarrassing.  Next on our list…boating!!

Why do you feel its important to participate in your community?

Ah, answered it above.  You have to give back.  Your skill set is needed somewhere, trust me.  Now that I have seen firsthand how a city is run, people must know that it is far too expensive to keep it all moving the way it does without the help of those who volunteer or are appointed.  I have a pet peeve…people who notice problems without looking for solutions. Point out the problem and then push up your sleeves and get busy helping create the solution!  We need you!

What can we expect from Motivate Barre in the next few years?

Ok, I opened just over a year ago.  I have already far surpassed my wildest dreams of what running a studio would look like.  First, Motivate would not be the place it is without the people who walk through the door each day.  We have the most incredible clients coming in…we really enjoy each other.  We set goals, we work hard, we laugh.  Seriously humbling.  Then piggyback that with the teachers at Motivate.  This was singularly the scariest part of opening…will I have amazing teachers?  Well, I can’t sugarcoat it.  These women are stellar.  I was a one-woman show last year.  I taught about 25 classes/week.  Now we have 10 amazing teachers, have expanded out schedule to 41 classes/week this fall and are about to launch our cycle program!  Next year?? I have no idea. I already went far past my one year goal.  I have to give this one some thought.