"What's exciting about being involved with Art & Photography is it forces you to be more observant and appreciate how much beauty there is around you."


I have been told, even as a child, that I had an "Artist's Eye." I know that I looked at things differently than most. Usually, I am drawn to light and color, patterns and textures that others seem to overlook.

I have always been interested and curious about the beauty around us, no matter where we are. To me, Art is an observation of details and structure, which stirs an emotion, presented in a manner that connects with the viewer.

All my life I have been an avid outdoor athlete and sportsman. I still spend a great amount of my time outdoors pursuing these interests and enjoying the beauty of our natural environment.

I attended college at Syracuse University and graduated with a BA in History. Syracuse has a renowned Art school, where I was fortunate to be able to take all my electives for my BA and to attend a year of graduate studies in Art.

As can happen in life, I wound up having a successful career in a totally different field. I spent 45 years traveling the world as an executive in the investment management business. I always took advantage of seeing, recording and remembering the beauty of wherever I was. I never lost the appreciation of beauty or my desire to express what I felt. My observation skills got rusty, however I have been fortunate to pursue my passion for Art over the last 10 years.

The enjoyment of both right brain and left brain pursuits, creative and technical, have always been with me. Nature/wildlife photography and painting were both natural pursuits, when I was able to devote all my time. Although quite different skill sets and art forms, I enjoy them with equal passion.

My paintings I do from memory and my imagination, without the use of photography and much use of Artistic License! I want to capture the mood or sense of place, hopefully, the painting will convey.

With photography, I want to capture the feeling, excitement, action and observation of time and place that your eyes might not be able to. Because our eyes and a camera don't work the same you see things with a camera your eyes can miss.

I hope both of my passions, expressions of myself, connect with people and give them as much pleasure and visceral enjoyment as I receive creating them!!